Best Movie Moms Ever 1 – The Greatest Movie Moms

Best Movie Moms Ever 1 - The Greatest Movie Moms

With Mother’s Day on the way (remember to order flowers, everyone), the time is right for family, fun, and a little friendly competition — like deciding which mother is the greatest of all time. Well, obviously, you know who’s best — your mom (she must be a delight!) — but if you narrow it down to movie mothers who comes out on top? The contenders all have qualities that make them great mothers: some are sweet, almost to a fault, like Renée Zellweger in Jerry Maguire. Others are loving (Sally Field in Forrest Gump), patient (Frances McDormand in Almost Famous), and tough (Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side). Some movie moms even fight crime (The Incredibles) or save the world (Terminator 2). Take a gander at ten of the greatest movie moms, then rank your favorite!

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