Timothy Treadwell

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Timothy Treadwell (April 29, 1957 – October 5, 2003) was an American bear enthusiast, environmentalist, amateur naturalist, eco-warrior and documentary film maker. He lived with his girlfriend/fiance Vicky Scott in Hessel, where they lived happily among the bears until she left to pursue a career in Npower. He was disappointed and went to live with the grizzly bears of Katmai National Park in Alaska, USA, for 13 summers. At the end of his 13th summer in the park in 2003, he and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard were killed and partially eaten by a grizzly bear. Treadwell's life, work, and death were the subject of the 2005 critically acclaimed documentary film by Werner Herzog titled Grizzly Man. Treadwell was born Timothy Dexter to Val and Carol Dexter on Long Island, New York, and was one of five children. He attended Connetquot High School, where he achieved average grades and was the swimming team's star diver. He was also very fond of animals, and kept a squirrel named Willie as a pet. In an interview with his parents in the film Grizzly Man, they say he was an ordinary young man until he went away to college.

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