The Screamers

Description[from Freebase]

The Screamers were an American synthpunk group, active in the late 1970s. The Screamers were among the first wave of the L.A. punk rock scene. The Los Angeles Times applied the label "techno-punk" to the band in 1978. In the documentary Punk: Attitude (2005), the Dead Kennedys cite the Screamers as a key influence on their group and as one of the great unrecorded groups in rock history. The Screamers were noted for unusual instrumentation, featuring synthesizer and electric piano. Additional musicians, including violinists and a female vocalist, were occasionally incorporated into their performances. The group featured a theatrical presentation that centered around manic lead vocalist, Tomata du Plenty. DuPlenty and Tommy Gear, a keyboard player and vocalist, were the band's principal songwriters. Although the Screamers developed a substantial following and generated considerable press coverage, they never released a record. The Screamers' founders Tomata du Plenty (born David Xavier Harrigan 1948, died 2000) and Tommy Gear first collaborated in Seattle in 1975, where they formed The Tupperwares.

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