Luckytown (2001)


Kirsten, hello? I understand you thought you were getting into a big production with James Caan, but this is ridiculous.

Normally, a movie that takes place largely in a Vegas strip joint would a shoo-in for five stars. Unfortunately, the ludicrous tale told in Luckytown doesn’t merit the time spent in its nudie joints.

A combination of pot-boiling gambling flicks and mob thrillers, with a sweet searching for daddy undertone, Luckytown gives us the headstrong Dunst up-n-headin’ to Las Vegas in order to track down her dad. Dad (Caan) splits his time between the poker table and his arch-rival’s strip club. There’s money owed and gunplay aplenty, but neither the story nor none of the characters make much sense — most notably when Kirsten’s Lidda takes to the runway in an abortive strip show of her own.

Aka Lucky Town and Luckytown Blues.