Anaconda (1997)


In Anaconda, an eclectic cast of good actors run from a giant rubber snake. The movie has grown to become one of the premier cult movies of the last couple of decades, as it simultaneously turned on camp-loving geek boys and provoked enough people in such an entertaining way that the film is still a valid conversation piece. Many contend that it is a fun, modern grindhouse flick.

The plot is simple enough: A National Geographic-type crew sets off into the Amazon jungle in an attempt to film a documentary about tribal natives. En route, they save a drowning snake hunter with several loose screws. Then the crew’s fearless leader has the consciousness sucked out of him by an exotic insect, leaving the door open for the snake hunter to take over the expedition. His quest: to capture the “world’s largest anaconda.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube fill the running, screaming lead roles, supported by the likes of Eric Stoltz, Kari Wuhrer, and a young Owen Wilson. The psychotic villain is played by Jon Voight, infusing the character with all the Jon Voight-iness that he can muster.