Love Serenade (1996)

Description[from Freebase]

Love Serenade is a 1996 Australian feature film directed by Shirley Barrett. It is a comedy film which has the tagline: "Two sisters will do anything to hook the right man." There are not many characters in Love Serenade, which is set in a fictitious almost-deserted town called Sunray located by the Murray River. We're introduced to a pair of sisters, Dimity (Miranda Otto) and Vicki-Ann (Rebecca Frith), who share a house. Dimity, the shy and insecure sibling, is a waitress at a local Chinese restaurant. Vicki-Ann, the brash one, is a hair stylist. Both are looking for love, although the prospects in Sunray seem bleak, at best. That is, until Ken Sherry (George Shetsov), a thrice divorced Brisbane DJ personality, moves into the house next door. During the filming of the Silo Scene, Stuntman Collin Dragsbaek died when he fell onto a faulty airbag. The film was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Caméra d'Or. Love Serenade grossed $836,110 at the box office in Australia,.


This quirky Aussie comedy was massively overshadowed by Muriel’s Wedding, which preceded it by a year, but it’s just as enjoyable. Miranda Otto steals the show in an early performance of the mousy sister of a shrewish hag (Rebecca Frith), who is instantly smitten when a radio DJ (George Shevstov) moves in next door. There’s not much shaking in their remote community, so when the DJ picks Miranda first, an epic catfight/love triangle ensues. Lots of fun, though the supernatural third act comes out of nowhere and ruins a lot of what was built up earlier.

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