Leaving Normal (1992)

Description[from Freebase]

Leaving Normal is a 1992 American road movie directed by Edward Zwick and starring Meg Tilly and Christine Lahti. Written by Ed Solomon, the film is about the cross country adventure of two women and the hardships and characters they encounter. Darly Peters (Christine Lahti) is a brassy waitress and former stripper who used to use the stage name Pillow Talk. Darly is on her way to Alaska to claim a home being built for her and return to the family she abandoned eighteen years earlier. She meets Marianne Johnson (Meg Tilly), a quiet waif who just walked out on her abusive husband. Darly allows Marianne to tag along as they journey across country to Alaska. Along the way, they meet a collection of colorful characters, including a strange-talking waitress named 66 (Patrika Darbo), and Walt (James Gammon), a road guy who recognizes Darly as the former Pillow Talk and wants to pay her big money for sex. The women finally make it to Alaska, where Darly finds that the house she was expecting to find has never been built. The two set up in a house trailer and, with the Alaskan wilderness as a backdrop, they begin to reevaluate their lives. The film received mixed-to-negative reviews.

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