Full Metal Jacket
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Top 20 Greatest War Movies

Heroism, camaraderie, psychological trauma… You’ll find it all in these iconic war movies. Which one is your favorite?

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1 Saving Private Ryan
Tom Hanks is a World War II captain whose mission is to save Private Ryan (Matt Damon), the sole survivor among four military sons.
15162 28220
2 Black Hawk Down
After two helicopters are shot down in Somalia, a team of soldiers led by Josh Hartnett is sent on a rescue mission.
6242 23326
3 Full Metal Jacket
Stanley Kubrick delves into Marine Corps psychology in this Vietnam War movie about a team of new recruits.
6183 20103
4 Platoon
One of the first movies to show the tense psychology of guerrilla warfare, where there are no clear battle lines nor enemy.
6182 19264
5 Patton
From northern Africa to Germany, Patton memorializes the outspoken World War II general George S. Patton Jr., played by George C. Scott.
5773 20499
6 The Bridge on the River Kwai
A captured World War II officer (Alec Guinness) leads prisoners in a morale-boosting construction project. His passion turns into obsession.
3697 18315
7 Apocalypse Now
Francis Ford Coppola directs this dark tale about Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando), a Vietnam War captain who’s gone rogue in Cambodia.
3354 17126
8 The Dirty Dozen
Twelve felons, led by an unruly major (Lee Marvin), are sent on a suicide mission: infiltrate a Nazi retreat and kill high-ranking officers.
2935 16803
9 Tora! Tora! Tora!
This Japanese-American 1970 film follows the days leading up to the Pearl Harbor attack from U.S. and Japanese perspectives.
2893 17999
10 Midway
Charlton Heston stars in this blockbuster war epic which spectacularly recreates the famed battle from the perspective of both sides.
2888 10888
11 Sergeant York
Alvin C. York (Gary Cooper) is a conscientious objector, but his amazing marksmanship turns him into a World War I hero.
2740 14308
12 Stalag 17
Billy Wilder directed this 1953 movie about POWs trying to escape a World War II prison camp. Upon failure, suspicions of treachery arise.
2625 14353
13 Letters from Iwo Jima
Clint Eastwood's pic takes a rare look at the other side of WWII in this thoughtful story of the Japanese forces occupying Iwo Jima.
2340 8092
14 A Bridge Too Far
This WWII pic has a starry cast including Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman, Robert Redford, Sean O'Connery...
2120 4152
15 Kelly’s Heroes
Released in the same year as MASH and Catch-22, this Clint Eastwood WWII movie is really about Vietnam.
2078 13410
16 The Big Red One
A veteran soldier (Lee Marvin) leads his beleaguered squad through the battles of World War II. Also stars Mark Hamill.
2028 12578
17 All Quiet on the Western Front
A group of German schoolboys are roused to fight by their jingoistic teacher. On the front lines, they learn good and evil aren't clear-cut.
1749 11833
18 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
After the Japanese invade Pearl Harbor, an Air Force colonel (Spencer Tracy) leads a secret retaliatory attack with volunteer airmen.
1690 11504
19 The Green Berets
John Wayne stars as a no-nonsense Colonel leading his Green Beret squad on an important mission. And Wayne directed the movie, too.
1576 8528
20 Good Morning, Vietnam
Robin Williams is arguably at his best in the Vietnam war comedy about an irreverent radio DJ stationed in Saigon.
307 4559