Apocalypse Now
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Best Vietnam War Movies

No American conflict has been as big a gold mine for movies as Vietnam. But which is the greatest?

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1 Full Metal Jacket
Essentially two distinct movies. The portions at boot camp are as tragic as the later tense combat showdowns.
2139 4639
2 Platoon
Oliver Stone's first Vietnam movie is as gritty, realistic, and horrifying as you'd expect and features one of Charlie Sheen's greatest roles.
2134 4642
3 Apocalypse Now
Martin Sheen's trip downriver is as trippy a descent into hell as you'll find, perfectly marrying the horror of war with Heart of Darkness.
1980 4782
4 The Deer Hunter
Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, and John Cazale are brilliant as working-class buddies preparing go to war, with all its horrors.
1164 3296
5 Hamburger Hill
A terrific ensemble cast of soldiers trys to take a hill and suffers casualties, only to find out their efforts were pointless.
1022 2848
6 Good Morning, Vietnam
Robin Williams's comic talents and dramatic chops are on display as an armed-forces radio D.J. who undergoes a moral awakening.
361 2791
7 The Boys in Company C
Among the first Vietnam War movies, this undersung flick, like Full Metal Jacket, is divided between basic training and combat.
47 2081
8 Rescue Dawn
Rescue Dawn is the rare uplifting Vietnam movie, as Christian Bale keeps hope alive as a tortured POW.
-247 2055
9 Born on the Fourth of July
In one of Tom Cruise's best performances, he becomes Ron Kovic, the gung ho soldier turned antiwar activist.
-253 2569
10 Casualties of War
Brian De Palma lets one episode stand as an object lesson in wartime morality: the kidnapping of a Vietnamese girl as a sex slave for GIs.
-258 2210