Hannah and Her Sisters
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Top Ten Thanksgiving Movies

Which movie best captures that special feeling and the explosive family drama of the holiday?

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1 Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Quintessential odd couple Steve Martin and John Candy are trying to get home for Thanksgiving. Cursing, cuddling ensues.
256 342
2 Home for the Holidays
Despite all those probing questions, Holly Hunter comes to see why we love the family we're dealt during a trip home for Thanksgiving.
39 171
3 Pieces of April
Katie Holmes deals with countless potential disasters in her first Thanksgiving for her family (her oven won't light).
11 145
4 Stagecoach
Ten pilgrims encounter outlaws/Indians out west. That's a tradition, whether it's the pic with John Wayne or the one with Bing Crosby.
6 114
5 Hannah and Her Sisters
Hannah's husband and ex fall for her sisters in this drama-laden Woody Allen film bookended by two Thanksgivings.
-4 126
6 The Ice Storm
Christina Ricci sums up the movie's caustic humor in her mealtime prayer about murdering Indians and children in Asia being napalmed.
-16 104
7 Avalon
Thanksgiving holds promise of the New World for these Jewish-American immigrants (Aidan Quinn, Joan Plowright, Elijah Wood).
-18 102
8 Broadway Danny Rose
Rose (Woody Allen) is a talent agent whose Thanksgiving TV dinners are legendary; his down-and-out clients are his makeshift family.
-41 83
9 The Myth of Fingerprints
The uptight WASPs in this holiday dramedy struggle through repressed childhood traumas and sexual confusion.
-41 71
10 The War at Home
In a climactic Thanksgiving celebration, Emilio Estevez pulls a gun on his family for an explosion on par with many actual war flicks.
-43 77