The Mole Men
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Superman Villains

Lex Luthor? The mutant mole men? Which supervillain is Superman’s greatest threat?

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1 Lex Luthor
Luthor is crafty and determined: No matter how many times he loses, he comes back with a new plan.
66 106
2 General Zod
Ruthless and despotic, this Kryptonian outcast turns Superman's own goodness against him.
63 95
3 Ursa
Smart, sadistic and stunning, this renagade Kryptonian female has Superman's powers but none of his scruples.
1 57
4 Non
Since he too has super-strength, this fellow Kryptonian is capable of giving Superman some seriously rough knocks.
-3 55
5 Perry White
While disguised as Clark Kent, Superman must endure The Daily Planet editor's abuse to preserve his cover.
-18 64
6 Nuclear Man
This evil Superman clone created by Ross Webster has got super-strength and radioactive fingernails.
-23 59
7 Spider Lady
A ruthless underworld queen-pin, she uses thugs, gadgets and feminine wiles to get what she wants.
-23 51
8 Lorelei Ambrosia
She acts like a dumb bunny to throw men offguard, then seduces. (Even the Man of Steel can't resist!)
-24 52
9 The Mole Men
These bald-headed, furry-bodied humanoids wreak havoc on a small town until Superman intervenes.
-26 56
10 Ross Webster
The power-mad CEO of Webscoe Industries enlists the help of a computer genius to throw the world into utter chaos.
-28 52