Risky Business
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Top Ten Raciest R-Rated Movies

Cover your eyes! How would you rank these envelope-pushing flicks?

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1 Basic Instinct
Sharon Stone flashes her nether region to a roomful of cops, and Paul Verhoeven's sleazy pic still manages to make the cut.
168 410
2 Wild Things
Fresh-faced young stars Neve Campbell and Denise Richards seduce their guidance counselor and each other. Enough said.
121 339
3 Unfaithful
There's no shortage of hot scenes in this flick, but the raciest is Diane Lane's writhing fantasy session on a train.
72 298
4 9 1/2 Weeks
This steamy Adrian Lyne erotic thriller feeds, famously, off the sexual tension between Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger.
63 313
5 Bound
This flick's depiction of Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly's titillating romance (and kinky sex life) leaves little to the imagination.
23 237
6 Crash
David Cronenberg's study in automotive aphrodisiacs was edited and still managed to out-risque most R-rated flicks.
-8 250
7 Y Tu Mamá También
Gravely ill temptress Maribel Verdu has one last bare-it-all fling, much to the delight of her teenage suitors -- and the audience.
-15 253
8 Chloe
Atom Egoyan's exploration of forbidden passions got an R, despite a graphic scene between Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried.
-21 227
9 Killing Me Softly
It's surprising that Kaige Chen's thriller earned an R rating, since the leads (Heather Graham, Joseph Fiennes) spend most of the film naked.
-23 231
10 Risky Business
This pic may be most famous for Tom Cruise's underwear scene, but the late-night train romancing took things to the next level.
-31 273