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Top Ten NC-17 Flicks

Your average R-rated film has nothing on these steamy movies. How would you rank these pics?

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1 The Evil Dead
Compared to torture porn this low-budget gore-fest is comparatively mild, but the MPAA slapped it with an NC-17 nonetheless.
237 685
2 Requiem for a Dream
Darren Aronofsky refused to edit his absorbing portrayal of drug addiction for the sake of an R rating and released the film unrated.
182 586
3 Crash
Sex and violence are never good if you're trying to avoid an NC-17, especially when violence is the source of your characters' sexual arousal.
43 497
4 Kids
The gritty realism of Larry Clark's shocking tale was its ratings downfall, but it still stands as a landmark film in nineties cinema.
31 431
5 Last Tango in Paris
This erotic Marlon Brando pic originally earned an X rating, but the MPAA changed it to an NC-17 when the film was rereleased, in 1997.
12 426
6 Showgirls
There's something to be said for a critically reviled movie that gets an NC-17 rating and still goes on to gross $45 million.
-49 581
7 Henry & June
This erotic story has the dubious distinction of being the first film to ever receive an NC-17, which replaced the X rating in 1990.
-55 355
8 Lust, Caution
On the heels of his Oscar win for Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee let sexual inhibition fly in this sexed-up assassination tale.
-59 359
9 Happiness
It's no surprise that a pic about a pedophile (Dylan Baker) who rapes a boy and tells his son he enjoyed it would get an NC-17 rating.
-90 374
10 Mysterious Skin
There are some tough-to-watch moments in this tale of sexual abuse, but it was the homosexual themes that doomed this to an NC-17.
-97 365