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Top Ten Horror Movies You Haven’t Seen

Hold onto your popcorn. How would you rank these unsung scary movies?

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1 Frozen
What if you got trapped on a ski lift? Hatchet director Adam Green takes that question and lets the helpless reality set in.
26 86
2 Splice
While the bizarre tale of a human-animal hybrid didn't draw huge crowds, it was the stuff of nightmares for horror fans.
20 102
3 The Signal
Temper the urge to put a baseball bat through your best friend's head after watching this overlooked new-gen horror gem.
14 70
4 Pulse
This thinking man's horror flick is arguably Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa's masterpiece.
12 56
5 The Exorcist III
William Peter Blatty gives us a terrifying sequel that you won't be calling pointless after its shocking decapitation scene.
9 71
6 Beyond the Door
A groovy seventies prog-rock soundtrack. Supernatural mystery. Daria Nicolodi. What more could you ask for?
-3 31
7 Joshua
Director George Ratliff's Joshua builds on the fear of inherent evil, as embodied by a gifted 8-year-old who's a masterful piano player.
-4 34
8 The Innocents
Uneasy spirits and restrained terror haunt every beautiful frame of this horror classic about two (possessed?) orphans.
-5 39
9 The Devil’s Rain
Check out the melting faces of Satan worshippers at a black mass gone awry, and do your best not to lose your lunch.
-5 33
10 Perfect Blue
The late director Satoshi Kon showed us that Japanese anime isn't just for social misfits in this superb psychological thriller.
-6 36