Ocean's Eleven
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Heist Films

There’s nothing like pulling off the perfect robbery (and the perfect getaway). Which film movie delivers the most thrills in the process?

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1 Ocean’s Eleven
Steven Soderbergh took a cool movie from 1960 and made it cooler by casting George Clooney and Brad Pitt as the ones sacking the casinos.
358 940
2 Heat
Al Pacino and Robert De Niro pair up for a deadly cat and mouse game in Michael Mann's intelligent thriller.
354 878
3 The Italian Job
Forget the Mark Wahlberg remake. The 1969 original features Michael Caine and Benny Hill and one helluva car chase.
262 730
4 Inside Man
This Spike Lee joint involves robbers (Clive Owen among them) who dress like hostages so cops (including Denzel Washington) can't tell friend from foe.
200 658
5 The Thomas Crown Affair
Steve McQueen's burglar plans One Last Job; Faye Dunaway is the insurance investigator who falls for his charms.
167 593
6 Heist
Gene Hackman leads a crew, disguised as cops and runway technicians, past airport security to unload gold from a Swiss plane.
73 477
7 The Killing
How do you pull off a plan involving staged fights, an assassinated race horse, and clown masks? Ask Stanley Kubrick.
-61 435
8 The Asphalt Jungle
In this jewelry store heist, the central event is rendered in an 11-minute sequence of criminal professionalism.
-86 412
9 Quick Change
Bill Murray directs and stars, as a gun-wielding clown, weaving in and out of NYC traffic to make his escape after a bank robbery.
-128 426
10 Bottle Rocket
The Owen brothers (Luke and Owen) co-star in this Wes Anderson indie about small-time thieves.
-181 377