Dr. No
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Top Spy Movies

From Bond to Bourne, what’s not to love about secret agents? So when it comes to espionage, which movie is your favorite?

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1 Dr. No
Her Majesty's favorite agent (Sean Connery) tangles with Dr. No -- and Ursula Andress -- to put rocket launches back on course.
203 455
2 The Bourne Identity
Part of the beauty of this one is an amnesiac Matt Damon isn't even aware that he's a super-spy.
201 595
3 Notorious
Hitchcock is the director. Cary Grant is the agent; Ingrid Bergman is the spy. As lovers, who's playing who?
50 296
4 The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
Richard Burton plays a defector with knowledge of other double agents. But can you trust a turncoat?
7 275
5 No Way Out
Set up by Gene Hackman's conniving cabinet member, Kevin Costner must clear his name... if that's what's really happening.
0 298
6 Sneakers
This Robert Redford flick about covert operations has a timely message ("There's a war out there") even if it's said tongue in cheek.
-9 293
7 The Ipcress File
No glamour and glitz for Michael Caine's Harry Palmer, just the cold hard reality of spying in this Len Deighton adaptation.
-29 237
8 The Good Shepherd
The birth of the CIA from the POV of a man (Matt Damon) whose empty life haunts him into accepting his role with the Company.
-51 319
9 Point of No Return
The American version of La Femme Nikita finds Bridget Fonda convincingly playing a spook trying to escape her identity.
-77 261
10 Spartan
David Mamet has a unique spin on the genre; Val Kilmer is the special agent who goes rogue to set things right.
-80 238