No Country for Old Men
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Tommy Lee Jones Westerns

There’s a new sheriff in town. Which of the beloved actor’s oaters deserves top billing?

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1 Lonesome Dove
This classic series plays to Jones's eccentric, cantankerous side as he gives a restrained performance opposite Robert Duvall.
706 830
2 The Missing
Jones is a joy to watch in this Ron Howard flick about a man who leaps into action after Apache kidnap his granddaughter.
307 545
3 No Country for Old Men
In the Coen brothers' Oscar-winning chiller, Jones's sheriff, Ed Bell, tracks a deadly Javier Bardem across the dusty plains.
304 592
4 The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
As both director and star, Jones breathes life into the potent tale of a cowpoke bringing his friend's body to Mexico for a proper burial.
92 422
5 The Good Old Boys
For his directorial debut, the actor surrounds himself with an all-star cast that brings depth to the character-driven Texas-ranch fable.
55 367
6 Stranger on My Land
In this 1988 pic, Jones brings typical grit to the role of a Vietnam vet forced into action when the government tries to seize his ranch.
11 341