One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
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The Oscar-Nominated Roles of Jack Nicholson

Jack has twelve nominations under his belt. Which movie is your favorite?

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1 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Nicholson is perfect as knee-jerk authority hater McMurphy: infuriating, charming, intimidating, and volatile.
678 868
2 Chinatown
The genius of Nicholson's performance is that he thinks he knows everything, only to realize he knows nothing.
333 725
3 A Few Good Men
In addition to uttering one of the most quoted movie lines ever, Nicholson turns in a electric performance, elevating the movie to greatness.
311 767
4 As Good As It Gets
Leave it to Nicholson to make a mean, bigoted, aging writer with obsessive-complusive disorder completely charming.
261 731
5 Easy Rider
Jack's relatively small part became iconic with good reason: he gets his mind blown with drugs and blows ours with his skills.
194 612
6 Terms of Endearment
Nicholson strayed from his element as an astronaut in this tearjerker, but he's charismatic as ever.
91 579
7 Five Easy Pieces
Another role so iconic that it seems every man in American can recite the last lines word for word.
27 521
8 The Last Detail
Jack creates a blowhard you want to hate but can't and a comedy that makes audiences cry.
-5 491
9 Prizzi’s Honor
Jack does black comedy for director John Huston and comes away dark as ever -- and with another Oscar nomination.
-25 497
10 About Schmidt
Nicholson hits the road again, this time as a retiree outrunning a midlife crisis.
-62 518
11 Reds
Nicholson's role in Warren Beatty's masterpiece, as famed playwright Eugene O'Neill is small, but among his most memorable.
-103 451
12 Ironweed
In a largely forgotten role, Jack's brilliant as always, playing a mentally ill drifter who returns to his hometown.
-123 427