They Were Expendable
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The Best War Movies of John Wayne

Which movie wins the battle between the Duke’s war flicks?

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1 In Harm’s Way
The thinking man's war movie stars an older Wayne as a demoted officer with a chance to redeem himself by taking on the Navy's brass.
2348 3880
2 Sands of Iwo Jima
The Duke is perfect as a tough-talking drill sergeant with a heart of gold, whipping his charges into fighting shape.
2323 3611
3 The Longest Day
Wayne shines among an all-star cast in the original blockbuster about the invasion of Normandy.
2269 3587
4 They Were Expendable
Wayne and John Ford's classic makes clear the cruel truth of war: men who sacrifice everything for a cause greater than themselves.
2093 3195
5 The Green Berets
The Duke's most controversial flick is nothing if not memorable and distills the essence of his philosophy. He directed it, too.
1732 3642
6 Flying Leathernecks
Wayne whips a crew of hotshot fighter pilots into shape for battles. The Duke is as gruff and authoritative as ever.
1658 2798
7 The Fighting Seabees
Sure, it's basically a propaganda flick, but the Duke is in fine form, and the ending will have you reaching for the tissues.
1629 2821
8 Back to Bataan
Wayne plays a guerrilla warrior aiding the Philippines against Japan. His magnetism makes up for the flick's racism.
1450 2608
9 Operation Pacific
War and romance come together as Wayne fights to get a sub into working condition and win back his ex-wife.
1122 2544
10 The Wings of Eagles
Directed by John Ford, this pic stars Wayne as a reckless WWI aviator who loses use of his legs and works to get them back.
671 1729
11 The Sea Chase
Wayne goes against type as a German who hates the Third Reich as much as the Americans -- so not that against type.
373 2341