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The Best Movies of Gene Hackman

He doesn’t have the firepower of some stars, but, in flicks like The Conversation, The Royal Tenenbaums, and The French Connection, Gene Hackman’s no slouch. How would you rank the best of his best?

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1 Unforgiven
Hackman's villain is of the subtle type -- just evil enough that you want him stopped but not bad enough to hate him.
464 892
2 The French Connection
Not only does the flick have the most exciting car chase of all time, but it has Hackman at his best, as a cop investigating a drug ring.
464 858
3 Hoosiers
Hackman's inspirational work as a high-school coach helps this classic sports flick rise above cliches.
399 849
4 Mississippi Burning
For tackling the controversial subject of the KKK and the sixties Deep South, Hackman earned another Oscar nomination.
356 744
5 Bonnie and Clyde
In his breakout role, Hackman manages to steal just a tiny bit of thunder from superstars Beatty and Dunaway.
269 709
6 The Poseidon Adventure
Hackman's priest is the best part of the original disaster flick, a movie with no shortage of fun, memorable scenes.
131 721
7 Superman II
Lex Luthor becomes one of the most fun villains of all time in Hackman's hands. Menacing and comical all at once.
101 721
8 The Conversation
Hackman's vouyer is sad, creepy, and a bit sympathetic. That's what makes The Conversation such a classic.
84 662
9 The Royal Tenenbaums
Who else could have played off the cranky, manipulative, and lovable Tenenbaum? Nobody. Which is why Hackman won a Golden Globe.
27 701
10 Reds
Hackman had only one scene, but it's as memorable as any in Warren Beatty's romantic epic.
-178 556