The Evil Dead
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The Best Horror Movies of the Eighties

The decade’s best fright flicks are so deliciously thrilling you just can’t resist coming back for more. Which ranks highest?

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1 A Nightmare on Elm Street
"Just a dream" doesn't mean much when Freddy Krueger is in it. Nightmare gave a generation of kids insomnia.
1398 2808
2 The Evil Dead
Sam Raimi's low-budget demonic-possession movie impressed everyone, including horror legend Stephen King.
1127 2769
3 Hellraiser
Clive Barker's horror tale is heavy on the freaky sex and features one of the most iconic horror characters ever, the Uber-creepy Pinhead.
568 2346
4 Child’s Play
The first flick of a long series introduces Chucky, the living doll with the soul of a killer, and his irresistably evil ways.
433 2525
5 The Howling
The Howling posits werewolves live among us. When they get in touch with their basic instincts, run.
369 2037
6 The Fly
In a tragic remake, scrambled atoms turn a scientist into a mutated monster-fly, in a movie that vastly improves on the campy original.
282 2144
7 They Live
Part over-the-top action flick, part horror classic, part social critique, John Carptener's underrated movie is misunderstood by nearly everyone.
222 2066
8 Near Dark
The villains of this flick, helmed by Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow, look like dangerous drifters, but they're worse: they're vampires.
-176 1708
9 Re-Animator
Creating life from death is a ghoulishly funny matter in this horror farce with comic scenes so disturbing you feel bad about laughing.
-242 1854
10 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Murder is a grim, casual business in this true-crime shocker, which draws its gasps from the aftermath of killings, not the acts themselves.
-644 1680