Night of the Living Dead
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George A. Romero Movies

Zombies, vampires, even crazies — Romero always knows how to freak us out. Which of his movies is your favorite?

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1 Night of the Living Dead
The original: This flick changed the way we see zombies and is still scary more than four decades later.
1602 2136
2 Dawn of the Dead
Romero's set-in-a-mall sequel of zombies gone amok was bigger and gorier than its predecessor.
1576 2306
3 Day of the Dead
Survivors massed in an underground bunker search for a weapon against a multiplying horde of zombies.
841 1817
4 Creepshow
Stephen King wrote the five tales of terror that make up this colorful homage to classic horror comics.
614 1664
5 Land of the Dead
Survivors flee to a walled city this time although once again proving that they are their own worst danger.
605 1721
6 The Crazies
In this thriller about an excaped virus, Romero tackled bio-hazard horror long before it occured to everyone else.
547 1557
7 George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead
Romero's reboot of his own movie, this time through the eyes of a group of camera-happy film students.
186 1624
8 The Dark Half
Timothy Hutton stars in twin roles as a writer and his not-nice alter-ego, based on a Stephen King story.
11 1201
9 Martin
Is he a vampire or just a disturbed young man? Ambiguous labels aside, Martin is totally, totally creepy.
-83 1187
10 Season of the Witch
A bored and unfulfilled housewife dabbles in witchcraft in Romero's underrated, little-seen feminist thriller.
-154 1040
11 Two Evil Eyes
Romero and Dario Argento each direct an Edgar Allan Poe story in this two-parter with Harvey Keitel.
-185 967
12 Monkey Shines
An over-protective helper monkey lashes out against those who wrong her paralyzed owner in this thriller.
-205 1135
13 Knightriders
Biker Ed Harris vies for leadership of a group modelled after King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.
-209 983
14 Bruiser
A meek man discovers his new powers when his features are suddenly replaced by a blank mask.
-428 976
15 There’s Always Vanilla
This romantic comedy -- yes, Romero made a rom-com -- pits youthful free spiritedness against practicality.
-599 931