Heavy Metal
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The Best Animated Horror Movies

If you think of animation as strictly kid stuff, you have another think coming. Which of these animated movies is the scariest?

rank title points votes your vote
1 Vampire Hunter D
In a post-apocalyptic future, half-vamp, half-man D goes around slaying the fanged ones.
58 362
2 Dead Space: Downfall
An alien presence possesses space travelers and makes them do bad -- very bad -- things.
56 360
3 Akira
A breakthrough anime, this post-apocalyptic tale features gloom, doom, intestines -- and lots of blood.
53 357
4 Sleeping Beauty
Remember how much Maleficent the witch scared you when you were a kid? She's still frightening.
43 471
5 Heavy Metal
This multi-part movie offers sex, sword fights and melting people. Best to wait until the kids are asleep!
33 317
6 Watership Down
It's about bunnies, but even rabbits will do not-so-cute things to each other. Don't let the fuzziness fool you.
7 305
7 The Black Cauldron
Think medieval fantasy is silly? Stay away from the zombie-producing cauldron. Who's the geek now?
-2 322
8 Pinocchio
Well, Pinocchio gets swallowed by a whale, led astray by bad men and sees his friends turned into donkeys.
-42 364
9 The Fox and the Hound
Don't think this Disney flick is about baby animals: There's dog fighting and other nightmarish stuff too.
-68 358