Skull Cave, The Phantom (1996)
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Superhero Lairs

Which of these hideouts is the best place to hang your crime-fighting cape?

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1 The Batcave, Batman Begins (2005)

Stocked with various costumes, nifty gadgets, and a supercomputer, the Batcave is the most comprehensive (and creepiest) hideout.

108 134
2 Malibu Beach Pad, Iron Man (2008)

The perfect setup for both womanizing and testing your new armor, Stark's home is the ultimate in superhero indulgence.

51 127
3 The Fortress of Solitude, Superman II (1980)

Boasting one of the more melancholy names, this hideout gives Superman a crystal base from which to learn and recharge.

37 119
4 Basement, Watchmen (2009)

Couldn't Drieberg store his Owl Ship in a hanger instead of some dusty place he keeps his old costumes?

-10 92
5 Warehouse, Blade II (2002)

You're more likely to catch pneumonia than vampires in the dank, generic warehouse the Daywalker calls home.

-13 87
6 The Baxter Building, Fantastic Four (2005)

In the comics, it's a sprawling, technological home. In the movie, it's a generic Manhattan high-rise. Blame the housing market.

-17 91
7 Skull Cave, The Phantom (1996)

Complete with throne and treasure rooms, the Skull Cave is the most ostentatious, if not the most discreet, hangout.

-20 82
8 Sewer, The Punisher (1989)

Dolph Lundgren meditating naked in the sewer? He should skim a little Mafia money and upgrade.

-23 81
9 Aunt May’s House, Spider-Man (2002)

Who would suspect the Amazing Spider-Man lives in Anut May's humble home? Probably, anyone who knew Peter Parker's salary.

-24 108
10 Sidewalk Bench, Hancock (2008)

Hopefully when the inevitable sequel arrives, Hancock will have graduated to an actual house. Or at least a tent.

-29 97