Admiral James T. Kirk
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Star Trek Dream Team

Many an officer has served aboard the Enterprise. Who’s top dog?

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1 Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Picard is the essense of unflappability and the kind of leader who's willing to relinquish command for the good of the crew.
140 278
2 Captain Spock
Kirk's brillant, courageous partner in crime is the coolheaded yin to the admiral's more emotional yang.
138 284
3 Admiral James T. Kirk
Kirk has serious space-cowboy credentials: he'll go to any length in the service of his mission and to protect his crew and friends.
134 290
4 Doctor Leonard McCoy
Not only does he have the ability, seemingly, to heal any injury; he'll also inflict wounds if pushed.
128 260
5 Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
Sulu has the confidence to man the wheel of a massive spaceship, which he does with aplomb in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
47 225
6 Lieutenant Commander Worf
Half-man and half-Klingon, Worf is the ideal member of a space crew that's exploring alien worlds.
46 232
7 Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge
Though blind, La Forge is a technical master: in First Contact, he was able to remember a ship's design from memory.
14 222
8 Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
She ranks as the number one babe in the universe, and she's proficient in over 80 percent of all languages.
12 242