The Initiation
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Sorority House Horror Movies

Greek life can be a killer! Which sorority girl slasher movie is your favorite?

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1 Black Christmas
The original sorority girls meet the slasher movie, all the more creepy because it's based on a true story.
254 414
2 The House on Sorority Row
Sorority safety lesson number one: Don't pull pranks that involve loaded guns. They always end in tears.
85 283
3 Sorority House Massacre
An orphan rushes a sorority only to find out that its row house is where her family was murdered.
41 251
4 Sorority House Massacre 2: Nighty Nightmare
Scantily clad sorority stunners move into a house haunted by flashbacks from Slumber Party Massacre.
-16 242
5 The Initiation of Sarah
Two sisters arrive on campus eager to re-invent themselves. A sorority of witches is happy to oblige.
-35 253
6 The Initiation
New pledge Daphne Zuniga sees dead people. Handy because her sisters are being killed off one by one.
-39 217
7 The Hazing
The Evil Dead plus Scream -- a professor takes possession of pledges during a night of hazing.
-55 209
8 Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
David DeCoteau's tongue-in-cheek trash classic involves sorority girls who worship a wish-granting imp.
-71 215
9 Decoys
These sorority babes seem too flawless to be human -- that's because they're alien sluts from hell.
-90 204
10 Delta Delta Die!
Julie Strain stars in this trashy tale of sorority girls on the Atkins Extreme diet -- they need to eat human flesh!
-101 205
11 Decoys: The Second Seduction
As in the first movie, these sorority babes are too hot and flawless to be human, just at a different school.
-111 203