Charles Bronson
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Senior Citizen Action Stars

Which tough guys keep getting tougher despite their age? And which are falling from favor (and down the list)?

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1 Clint Eastwood
No matter how old he gets, he'll still be one scary grandpa. Would you have messed with him in Million Dollar Baby?
271 419
2 Harrison Ford
All these years later, he's still kicking butt as Indiana Jones.
169 391
3 Sean Connery
Became a grandfather and escaped Alcatraz in the same year, in The Rock. Beat that!
168 386
4 Tommy Lee Jones
The man's a machine. He just pumps out quality action flick after action flick, no matter what year it is.
165 359
5 Sylvester Stallone
Another Rambo is on the way! Ready for Rambo 10 in 2023?
124 392
6 Samuel L. Jackson
No, really, he's 60. We swear. And tougher than you'll ever be.
103 359
7 Arnold Schwarzenegger
Is there any doubt he'll be back to Terminating when his term limits are up?
65 361
8 Charles Bronson
The two decades between Death Wish and Death Wish V: The Face of Death didn't slow him down one bit.
42 310
9 Chuck Norris
We know "Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits." We also know in his 60's, he still one tough dude.
22 344
10 James Coburn
The Western legend was still going strong at age 66 with Maverick.
3 303