Mystic River
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Sean Penn’s Best Movies

He’s one of the best actors working today. How do his great flicks — like Mystic River, Dead Man Walking, and Milk — rank against each other?

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1 Mystic River
Penn won an Oscar -- deservedly so -- for his devastating portrait of a grieving parent in Clint Eastwood's melancholy drama.
184 494
2 Fast Times at Ridgemont High
You know and love the cast of Ridgemont High, particularly Penn's Spicoli, the film's most excellent slacker and stoner.
86 442
3 Dead Man Walking
There's no happy ending for Penn's convicted killer. But there is a moving portrait of a complex man that's worth watching.
76 398
4 Carlito’s Way
In an underrated mob movie, Penn hangs with (and maybe even outshines) Al Pacino in his own genre.
61 385
5 Milk
Penn fully transforms himself into optimistic city supervisor Harvey Milk -- the first openly gay man elected to political office.
17 415
6 21 Grams
Penn is the emotional center of this jigsaw puzzle of a movie, as a guilt-ridden man with another man's heart, desperate for redemption.
-19 345
7 At Close Range
Two great character actors -- Penn and Christopher Walken -- collide as father and son, with typically great results.
-34 324
8 The Interpreter
This underrated political thriller with Nicole Kidman explores intrigue (and assassination attempts) at the United Nations.
-77 293
9 Sweet and Lowdown
Don't think Sean Penn is funny? He proves you wrong in this tongue-in-cheek Woody Allen comedy.
-107 271
10 Hurlyburly
Penn plays brilliantly against type. He's not grim but rather motormouthed, coke-addled, and hyperactive.
-140 258