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Sure, the original Rocky got an Oscar, but is it really the best in the series? And if it is, which is second best?

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1 Rocky
In this ultimate underdog tale, Rocky gets a shot at the heavyweight title. But he just wants to go the distance with Apollo Creed.
931 1491
2 Rocky IV
The fate of two nations (and Apollo's honor) is on the line when Rocky faces the pride of the Soviet Union, Drago.
727 1617
3 Rocky II
After failing to succeed in the world outside the ring, Rocky is pressed into a rematch against Creed. Can he win this time?
723 1397
4 Rocky III
The death of Mickey reels the Stallion into a loss against Clubber Lang. Now Rocky's old foe will train him for the rematch.
721 1457
5 Rocky Balboa
An aged Rocky returns to the ring one last time, to face champ Mason "The Line" Dixon and prove that old dogs can still learn new tricks.
575 1341
6 Rocky V
Rocky gets back to basics by training newcomer Tommy Gunn. When Gunn turns his back on Rocky, it's time for a street-fight showdown.
-281 1305