Broken Trail
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Robert Duvall Westerns

He’s got you in his sights. Which of Duvall’s gunslinger flicks rates the highest?

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1 Lonesome Dove
Playing a former Texas Ranger opposite Tommy Lee Jones, Duvall in this cattle-wrangling pic is at his best.
1652 2088
2 Open Range
Duvall perfects his crusty old-timer demeanor in this story about a former gunslinger forced to take up arms once again.
1611 1871
3 Broken Trail
In this critically beloved mini-series, the grizzled actor shrugs off the delinquency of his past to play a softhearted cowboy.
1125 1577
4 True Grit
A must for die-hard Duvall fans. The actor's first Western appearance is as notorious outlaw Ned Pepper.
980 1334
5 Joe Kidd
Facing off against Clint Eastwood in a tailor-made role, Duvall plays an evil land-grabber leading a group of good ol' boys.
495 1065
6 Lawman
Critics and audiences alike loved Duvall as the unrepentant lawbreaker at the heart of this tale, in which he stars opposite Burt Lancaster.
297 907
7 The Great Northfield, Minnesota Raid
Duvall descends to the depths of depravity as famed outlaw Jesse James, a role he nails in this gritty revisionist flick.
289 951