Steve Guttenberg
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Quintessential 80s Actors

With all due respect to the Goot, not all ’80s actors were created equal. Which leading man makes you most nostalgic for the days of shoulder pads and skinny ties?

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1 Harrison Ford
Three Indiana Jones movies plus Star Wars made the '80s a very good decade for Ford.
330 622
2 Michael J. Fox
It's hard to beat roles like Marty McFly and Teen Wolf for sheer eighties goodness.
320 624
3 Bill Murray
Will the Caddyshack star's late-in-life successes ever match the glory of Stripes?
288 590
4 John Candy
Canada's greatest export to the U.S. had plenty of laughs left in him when his career was cut short in 1994.
223 567
5 Chevy Chase
Wally World, Europe, and, er, Christmas were never the same after Clark Griswold arrived on the scene.
213 585
6 John Cusack
Cusack inspired many an adolescent '80s fantasy, with little more than a boombox and a lumpy trench coat on his back.
177 577
7 Matthew Broderick
Is there a more iconic '80s image than Ferris Bueller twist-and-shouting through the streets of Manhattan?
176 564
8 Eddie Murphy
Murphy's rawest years brought prime roles in flicks like 48 Hours and Beverly Hills Cop.
166 570
9 Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Governator's reign of box-office terror came to an end with Terminator 2, in 1991.
156 564
10 Mel Gibson
Remember when he was no more than the latest blue-eyed Australian hunk to hit these shores?
143 565
11 Anthony Michael Hall
The go-to guy for geeky roles in the '80s is a perennial favorite.
89 521
12 Steve Guttenberg
The Police Academy and Three Men and a Baby star quickly became Steve Who? in the '90s.
-15 495