The Other Boleyn Girl
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Movies With Intra-Family Love Affairs

Boy meets girl. Brother grabs girl. Which tangled family relationship flick is best?

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1 Legends of the Fall
Julia Ormond manages to go to bed with not one, not two, but all three brothers (Henry Thomas, Aidan Quinn and Brad Pitt) in this family.
20 86
2 The Other Boleyn Girl
Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson are after the same guy: Henry VIII. Both get him, neither story ends happily.
20 66
3 Brothers
Tobey Maguire returns from war scarred and furious about a kiss shared by his wife (Natalie Portman) and brother (Jake Gyllenhaal).
17 67
4 The Patriot
Widower Mel Gibson places his children in the care of his sister-in-law. Then after the war, simply decides to replace his wife with her.
13 73
5 Hannah and Her Sisters
Hannah's relationship with her sisters is quite strained: One has an affair with her husband. The other marries her ex.
12 50
6 The Family Stone
Sarah Jessica Parker is in love with her boyfriend ... until she meets his brother. Luckily, her sister (Claire Danes) falls for her ex.
8 64
7 Rudy
Rudy shows up to family dinner to find his brother with the love of his life (the one that wasn't Notre Dame).
6 52
8 Dan in Real Life
An advice columnist falls hard for his brother's girlfriend (and it's mutual). Oh, the irony! Luckily, his brother gets over it.
5 53
9 Sibling Rivalry
Kirstie Alley cheats on her husband but the guy drops dead. Off the hook? Nope. Turns out he was her husband's brother.
2 44