Blazing Saddles
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Mel Brooks Movies

Mel Brooks is responsible for some of the funniest moments in film history. Which movie is his best?

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1 Blazing Saddles
A send-up of Western cliches, this one famously includes a scene of campfire flatulence.
1076 1656
2 Young Frankenstein
Brooks puts on display his regular cast -- Gene Wilder, Cloris Leachman -- in this spoof of Universal's B-movies.
1038 1596
3 Spaceballs
Brooks's parody of sci-fi flicks, in which the evil Dark Helmet terrorizes a galaxy far, far away.
583 1515
4 History of the World — Part I
Brooks tweaked historical epics in this laugh-out-loud send-up of milestone events.
583 1351
5 Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Cary Elwes dons the titular tights, with some help from his sidekick, a young Dave Chappelle.
529 1409
6 The Producers
Gene Wilder stars as a theater producer behind a stink bomb that becomes a hit. The movie inspired a Broadway musical -- and a remake.
367 1151
7 High Anxiety
This time, it's Hitchock who gets the Brooks treatment: Brooks stars as a doctor framed for murder.
205 983
8 Silent Movie
Brooks plays a silent-movie director in this film. The only bit of dialogue comes from mime Marcel Marceau.
70 898
9 Dracula: Dead and Loving It
The last movie to be directed by Brooks, featuring Leslie Nielsen as the toothsome count vamping it up in London.
-37 943
10 Life Stinks
A Brooks rarity, this movie plays it straight: Brooks stars as a CEO who endures life in a slum to win a bet.
-222 808
11 The Twelve Chairs
An impoverished nobleman learns his mother has hidden a fortune in a set of dining chairs; con artists begin pursuing them, too.
-237 773