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Mad Men Season 6 Ad Campaigns

What was your favorite campaign from Season 6?

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1 Hershey’s (Episode 13)
Don pitches Hershey’s as "the childhood symbol of love," then confesses the candy bar's role in his real childhood.
923 1417
2 Heinz ketchup (Episode 4)
Don pitches his “Pass the Heinz” concept for SCDP, then Peggy pitches “Heinz. The Only Ketchup” for CGC.
566 1026
3 Chevy (Episode 6)
Don and Ted share their pitches with each other in a hotel bar before merging companies to land the account.
468 882
4 Avon (Episode 10)
Joan goes behind Pete's back to meet with the Avon rep. Ted sides with Joan, saying, "Posession is 9/10 of the law."
437 889
5 Jaguar (Episode 3)
Don sabotages Herb Rennet's plan by halfheartedly pitching the idea of marketing the luxury vehicle to the average guy.
37 835
6 Sheraton (Episode 1-2)
Don pitches the tagline: "Hawaii. The jumping off point." The Sheraton reps are concerned that it suggests suicide.
32 830
7 St. Joseph’s (Episode 12)
Don gets St. Joseph's to increase the budget for Peggy's Rosemary’s Baby spot by lying, saying it was Frank Gleason’s last idea.
13 789
8 Ocean Spray (Episode 12)
SC&P makes boards reading “Berry Healthy” and “Berry Good.” The creatives discuss strategy for the blends, including Cran-Prune.
-107 721
9 Fleischmann’s (Episode 9)
Don and Ted debate which strategy to pursue for the margarine: low price or great taste.
-121 709
10 Dow Chemical (Episode 1-2)
Looking at boards for Dow with taglines: “Love is in the air,” Don lectures the creatives on wearing out the word “love.”
-188 702