Gary Coleman
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Little People, Big Roles

These actors may be short in stature, but they can’t be overlooked in the movies. Which little person makes the biggest impact on the silver screen?

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1 Warwick Davis
From Willow to Leprechaun to Harry Potter, Davis is so good, he's snagging roles from other dwarf actors.
69 89
2 Peter Dinklage
Roles in The Station Agent and Find Me Guilty showcase Dinklage's talents regardless of height.
44 76
3 Verne Troyer
Troyer's career has been troubled of late, but The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus might get Mini-Me back on track.
15 63
4 Billy Curtis
Curtis held his own against the biggest man around -- Clint Eastwood -- as sheriff and mayor in High Plains Drifter.
13 45
5 Zelda Rubinstein
She may have been wrong when she said "This house is clear" in Poltergeist, but if that's being wrong, you don't want to be right.
12 44
6 Jordan Prentice
Colin Farrell and a pair of trashy prostitutes are no match for this dwarf actor, playing a dwarf actor, in In Bruges.
3 35
7 Gary Coleman
From Diff'rent Strokes to Midgets vs. Mascots, Coleman's career has provided unending comic fodder.
-2 46