The Secret of the Loch
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Legendary Loch Ness Monster Movies

The Loch Ness Monster is a superstar among cryptids — that’s pseudo-science speak for creatures scientists pretend don’t exist but in-the-know types are convinced are out there. Rank these movies about Nessie, Scotland’s monster mascot.

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2 Legend of Loch Ness
This documentary examines the LOch Ness stories and the facts of prehistoric survivors.
81 217
3 The Mysterious Monsters
This "In Search Of..." style documentary addresses stories of strange creatures, including Nessie.
31 179
4 Loch Ness
American cryptozoologist Ted Danson goes to Scotland to find Nessie.
28 202
5 Incident at Loch Ness
Werner Herzog's mockumentary pokes fun at credulous Nessie hunters while delivering some real scares.
12 186
6 The Loch Ness Horror
A super-cheap variation on the Loch Ness legend, featuring a mama beast protecting her eggs.
3 179
7 The Secret of the Loch
A reorter goes to Scotland in hopes of finding the truth about the Loch Ness creature.
3 169
8 Beneath Loch Ness
Inauthentic Scottish accents overwhelm this tale of the search for Nessie.
-17 185