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Killer-Computer Movies

Don’t push that key! How would you rank these computer-themed horror flicks?

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1 Untraceable
Diane Lane pursues of a serial killer who sets up death machines that activate when the Website is visited.
-3 471
2 The Lawnmower Man
This horrific take on Flowers for Algernon finds Jeff Fahey computerized, uploaded, and dishing out digital beat downs.
-8 480
3 Hard Candy
Patrick Wilson learns this movie's lesson the hard way after hooking up with an underage girl in an chat room and meeting her in real life.
-42 454
4 Pulse
This Wes Craven adaptation flopped, but it does have the dubious distinction of featuring what's arguably the first-ever suicide by Ethernet cable.
-50 424
5 fear dot com
Stephen Dorff plays a detective investigating a creepy death linked to a torture-porn Website that drives most who visit it completely mad.
-56 424
6 Ghost in the Machine
This 1993 flick gives you the best of both worlds: a human serial killer (Ted Marcoux) who, in death, is transferred into a computer.
-80 400
7 Demon Seed
Based on the Dean Koontz novel of the same name, this flick centers on Proteus, an evil computer seeking to spawn.
-86 408
8 Brainscan
One of Edward Furlong's more random roles finds him playing a computer game that hypnotizes.
-101 385
9 Evilspeak
Clint Howard's character in this early example is a much-maligned outcast (of course) who finds a way to contact the Devil through a computer.
-190 348
10 .com for Murder
The action here kicks off when meetings in Internet chat rooms lead to dalliances with killers.
-221 343