The Shootist
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John Wayne’s Last Ten Westerns

The Duke’s career as a cowboy spanned over 50 years. His earlier Westerns made him a legend, but his last ten deserve recognition, too. Which one is your favorite?

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1 True Grit
Wayne earned an Oscar for his portrayal of alcoholic antihero Rooster Cogburn, who helps a girl seeking revenge for her father's death.
380 600
2 Big Jake
The only thing better for any fan of Wayne than seeing him kick butt is seeing him reunite with Maureen O'Hara. Here you have both.
354 556
3 The Shootist
Lauren Bacall costars in Duke's final flick about an aging gunslinger who's dying, along with the ways of the Old West.
331 586
4 Rio Lobo
Director Howard Hawk's final film is also the last installment in his trilogy of Wayne as a steadfast lawman.
290 500
5 The Cowboys
Life imitates art as Wayne takes a few young men under his wing to show them the ropes on how to become heroes.
276 542
6 Chisum
A benevolent cattle baron (Wayne) joins forces with Billy the Kid to defeat a malevolent land developer in New Mexico.
230 482
7 Rooster Cogburn
Wayne reprises his Oscar-winning role from True Grit, this time teaming up with Katharine Hepburn.
214 488
8 The Undefeated
After the Civil War, a Confederate group (led by Rock Hudson) and a Union group (led by Wayne) collide in war-torn Mexico.
146 444
9 Cahill: United States Marshal
Wayne plays a lawman who finds his two teenage boys on the wrong side of law after they are coerced into robbing a bank.
122 422
10 The Train Robbers
The widow (Ann-Margret) of a bandit who stole half a million dollars from the railroad enlists a hired gun (Wayne) to find the missing loot.
115 405