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Jamie Lee Curtis’s Best Horror Movies

Curtis got her start in Hollywood like a lot of young actresses — screaming her head off while being hunted down by maniacs. When does she do it best?

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1 Halloween
Babysitter Laurie Strode isn't just meat ready for the chopping block -- she's more than a match for bogeyman Michael Myers.
1323 1387
2 Halloween II
Having to spend screen time in a hospital gown would be horror enough for the fashion conscious, but Laurie rises to the occasion.
746 1190
3 Halloween: H20
Her character has evolved into a middle-aged hard-assed private-school principal with a slew of psychic scars that get reopened.
683 1173
4 The Fog
Curtis plays a freethinking hitchhiker who puts on her Nancy Drew shoes to get to the bottom of this maritime mystery.
472 1056
5 Prom Night
Curtis, as a prom queen, must endure both prodigious bloodshed and some truly scary dance sequences.
279 1009
6 Terror Train
Masks and murder mix at a New Year's Eve party, proving that Curtis doesn't have much luck with the holidays.
215 921
7 Halloween: Resurrection
Busta Rhymes thinks he has what it takes to stop Michael Myers. Lucky for him, Curtis eventually shows up.
-43 989
8 Virus
The Borg have nothing on the soulless cyborgs here, but then the Borg never faced Michael Myers's sis.
-114 792
9 Halloween III: Season of the Witch
As the voice of a telephone operator, Curtis is, for once, safely out of Michael Myers's stabbing range.
-152 946
10 Road Games
Her habit of hitching rides with strangers doesn't increase her chances of survival, but Curtis shows sass while staying ahead of the curve.
-313 745