The Rare Breed
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James Stewart Westerns

For Stewart, the Range proved a home away from home. Of these Westerns, which ranks as his best?

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1 Winchester ’73
This noir showcases the actor's chops and his character's markmanship.
317 417
2 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
John Ford's film stars Stewart as a lawyer-turned-hero (celebrated for something he didn't do).
314 440
3 Bend of the River
In his second collaboration with director Anthony Mann, Stewart's aging cowboy goes straight.
214 316
4 Shenandoah
As a wealthy Virginian plantation-owner, Stewart starts out a pacifist. (That stance doesn't last long.)
211 369
5 The Far Country
Stewart's likability as a greedy meat purveyor saves this small-town tale.
174 292
6 The Naked Spur
Stewart shines in director Anthony Mann's intense psychodrama about a bounty hunter.
160 280
7 The Rare Breed
Stewart stars as a cowboy charged with protecting a prize bull en route to Texas.
126 284
8 Destry Rides Again
In this comedy, Stewart plays a lawman who doesn't even carry a gun.
121 269
9 Two Rode Together
Stewart's corrupt sheriff teams up with honest cavalryman Richard Widmark to avenge some Comanches.
115 253
10 Cheyenne Autumn
It's just a walk-on role as Wyatt Earp in this John Ford classic but it's pretty memorable.
109 261