The Lord of the Rings [Film Series]
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Ian McKellen’s Greatest Movies

Gandalf may be his most famous role, but it’s only one of many. Which of these McKellen flicks ranks the highest?

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1 The Lord of the Rings [Film Series]
Though he's killled in the first movie, Middle-Earth wizard Gandalf comes back to life in the second and saves the day.
301 401
2 X-Men [Film Series]
Superheroes can come off as silly, but McKellen's Magneto is a threat to be reckoned with, and sometimes, pitied.
178 324
3 Richard III
This Shakespeare adaptation casts McKellen as the titular monarch in an anachronistic, '30s-inspired version of England.
106 240
4 Gods and Monsters
McKellen earned an Oscar nom for his portrayal of director James Whale, here entangled in a late-in-life affair.
103 231
5 Apt Pupil
The complicated morality of this Stephen King adaptation is perfectly showcased by McKellen's terrifying, heartbreaking portrayal.
100 228
6 Six Degrees of Separation
McKellen shines, predictably, as a South African businessman in the movie adaptation of John Guare's play.
41 173
7 Last Action Hero
A must for McKellen completists, this Arnold Schwarzenegger flick finds the actor making a memorable cameo as Death.
32 200
8 Bent
In this brutal story about the Nazi persecution of homosexuals, McKellen plays the small, but crucial part of "Uncle Freddie."
26 160
9 Cold Comfort Farm
Before hitting it big in Richard III, McKellen steals every scene as an over-the-top preacher in small-town England.
19 161
10 The Da Vinci Code
McKellen stars as an enthusiastic seeker of the Holy Grail in in this adaptation of the best-selling novel.
8 20