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Hospital Horror Movies

No one likes going to the hospital — especially not the ones in these movies. Which movie’s care facility is the most horrific?

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1 Halloween II
Michael Myers slows down Laurie's recovery by stalking her hospital, offing anyone that gets in his way.
152 260
2 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Freddy Krueger himself haunts the dreams of teenagers all seeking treatment at the same facility.
82 198
3 Session 9
A team of hazmat workers sent to clean asbestos from a defunct mental hospital uncovers long-buried secrets.
27 169
4 Hellbound: Hellraiser 2
The cenobites return to torment a woman who escaped them but is now confined to an asylum.
24 158
5 Don’t Look In The Basement!
A new nurse has just reported for work at this asylum; unfortunately for her, the inmates are running the place.
-18 124
6 Visiting Hours
A hospitalized anchorwoman is stalked by the psycho who put her there.
-27 121
7 Anatomy
A medical student stumbles onto horrifying experiments at a prestigious school.
-35 119
8 Bad Dreams
The only survivor of a cult suicide pact wakes up in a hospital alive, but haunted by the ghost of the guru.
-41 117
9 The Manitou
Modern medicine fails a woman with a shaman gestating in the lump on her neck.
-44 110
10 The Possession of Nurse Sherri
A busty nurse is possessed by a demonic preacher in this drive-in classic.
-54 112