The Fly
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Greatest Movies of All Time With Giant Bugs

There’s something especially hair-raising about oversized bugs. Which creepy-crawly chillers do it best?

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1 Them!
A crew of FBI agents and etymologists battle radiation-giganticized ants in this black-and-white scifi flick from 1954.
251 667
2 The Fly
Jeff Goldblum's iconic turn as the scientist-turned-fly in this remake is equal parts poignant and petrifying.
194 646
3 The Fly
In Kurt Neumann's fright flick, a DNA experiment gone awry results in a scientist ending up with the head and claw of a fly.
180 592
4 Mothra
In Ishiro Honda's 1961 classic, a giant moth wreaks havoc after swimming to Japan and building a cocoon on Tokyo Tower.
144 586
5 Tarantula
In Jack Arnold's B-movie, a mutated giant spider terrorizes the countryside, leaving 8-foot pools of venom in its wake.
92 526
6 The Deadly Mantis
The star of William Alland's scifi flick is a 200-foot-long praying mantis freed from its prehistoric lair by a sudden seismic shift.
17 511
7 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
In the final installment of the fantasy franchise, an earth-shaking spider named Shelob captures Frodo and spins him into a giant web.
12 586
8 Eight Legged Freaks
Spiders grow way too large thanks to some toxic water consumed by some exotic arachnids.
3 451
9 Mysterious Island
This adaptation of the Jules Verne novel finds a host of giant animals taking over an island, terrifying oversized bees among them.
-54 482
10 Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones
In the gladiator sequence of this 2002 movie, towering six-legged alien insects with dripping fangs threaten our heroes.
-101 561