Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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Gratuitous Movie Nudity

Clothing optional! Which movie’s unnecessary skin shots are most over the top?

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1 Swordfish
Halle Berry goes topless in this action flick, a dud on just about every other conceivable level.
100 366
2 Trading Places
What's a hooker (Jamie Lee Curtis) to do once she hooks up with a fellow ex-con on the lam? Hang out topless, of course!
96 312
3 Carrie
Brian De Palma sets the scene for the coming horror via a super-slow-mo scene in which a bevy of beauties go full frontal in a steamy locker room.
7 267
4 The Return of the Living Dead
Linnea Quigley does a punk-rock striptease in a cemetary, igniting many a fanboy fantasy.
4 244
5 Forgetting Sarah Marshall
In a misguided attempt to win his girlfriend back, Jason Segal does a goofy jig in the buff, complete with gross sound effects.
-25 275
6 The Wicker Man
Swedish actress Britt Ekland prances naked in this horror flick's bizarre musical-dance number. And that's just the tip of the iceburg.
-30 222
7 Casino Royale
While a naked-torture sequence might not be the stuff of fanboy fantasies, it's still a nice chance for Daniel Craig to show off his manly assets.
-82 278
8 Footloose
Kevin Bacon is surrounded by a surfeit of naked male posteriors in this movie's opening scene.
-91 267