A Serious Man
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Funny Divorce Movies

It’s over for these couples, but the laughs are just beginning. Which movie with comic divorced couples ranks the highest?

rank title points votes your vote
1 Mrs. Doubtfire
Faced with limited custody, Daniel remakes himself as their elderly nanny. Bosom fires and "drive-by fruitings" ensue.
194 360
2 Liar Liar
Don't be a deadbeat divorced dad like Fletcher or your son might make a birthday wish that turns your life into a living hell.
114 304
3 The Parent Trap
It's hard to stay apart when separated-at-birth twins discover each other and hatch a devious plan to reunite the parents.
53 277
4 Ocean’s Eleven
Tess and Danny were meant for each other -- it just took a massive casino heist to convince them they're a great team.
45 257
5 Sweet Home Alabama
Melanie wants a divorce from Jake so she can marry Terry, but old habits die hard and changes her mind at the altar.
40 274
6 Old School
Who needs a wife when you can streak naked, wrestle in KY Jelly, and shoot yourself with a tranquilizer dart like Frank?
30 246
7 Yes Man
Depressed and withdrawn after his divorce, Carl vows to say yes to every offer... landing himself in the spotlight of an FBI investigation.
-34 228
8 A Serious Man
Larry never saw it coming. Judith announces their divorce, then makes Larry pay for the funeral when her new boyfriend is killed.
-96 194
9 Divorce American Style
Richard and Barbara get divorced, but realize single life is a lot more complicated than they thought.
-102 184