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Favorite TURN: Washington’s Spies Episodes (Season 1)

Which of these episodes rank highest for you?

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1 Episode 10: The Battle of Setauket
Ben and Caleb lead a raid on Setauket. Mary confronts Abe about being a rebel spy. Anna learns Selah is alive. Abe kills Baker.
783 1031
2 Episode 8: Challenge
Abe attends an exclusive party hosted by Andre. Anna is told Selah is dead. Ben and Rogers face off in the forest.
615 941
3 Episode 6: Mr. Culpeper
Abe is ambushed by a desperate Patriot. Nathaniel Sackett introduces Ben to spycraft. Simcoe is freed. Rogers recruits Jordan.
564 792
4 Episode 5: Ephiphany
Baker walks in on Abe and Anna's tryst. Ben falls into the Delaware en route to Trenton. Rogers learns Ben's name. Ben meets General Washington.
546 742
5 Episode 1: Pilot
Ben escapes from Rogers. Captain Joyce is murdered. Ben recruits Abe to be a rebel spy. Selah is sent to the Jersey. Ben and Caleb capture Simcoe.
516 688
6 Episode 7: Mercy Moment Murder Measure
Rogers frees Selah from the Jersey. Simcoe returns to Setauket. Caleb gives Abe a codebook. Simcoe and Abe duel with pistols.
399 623
7 Episode 3: Of Cabbages and Kings
Abe and Richard go to New York. Ben is ambushed by turncoat militiamen. Abe learns the Hessians are marching to Trenton. Caleb narrowly escapes Setauket.
390 632
8 Episode 9: Against Thy Neighbor
Simcoe poisons Hewlett's horse. Richard is shot. Simcoe frames Caleb's uncle and Ben's father. Abe serves as magistrate at their trial.
388 604
9 Episode 2: Who By Fire
Rogers comes to Setauket. Ben and Caleb interrogate Simcoe. Abe and Rogers track down Captain Joyce's killer. Andre recruits Philomena.
346 606
10 Episode 4: Eternity How Long
Hewlett fortifies the garrison with gravestones. Ben and Caleb conspire to get Abe's intelligence to General Washington. Andre entraps General Lee.
321 567