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Favorite The Killing Episodes (Season 3)

Which of these episodes is your favorite?

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1 Episode 10: Six Minutes
Trisha Seward's ring turns up in the serial killer's box of trophies. Linden tries to stop Seward's impending execution. 
1193 1375
2 Episode 12: The Road to Hamelin
Adrian goes missing. Holder is interrogated by Internal Affairs. Linden discovers who the killer is.
937 1137
3 Episode 9: Reckoning
A suspect is arrested. Bullet is found dead. A fellow inmate toys with Seward.
802 998
4 Episode 8: Try
Pastor Mike abducts Linden. Bullet lies to Holder about Lyric's whereabouts. Bullet learns the killer's identity.
549 715
5 Episode 2: That You Fear the Most
Kallie goes missing. Bullet is raped while searching for Kallie. Linden discovers the corpses of 17 teenage girls.
428 576
6 Episode 1: The Jungle
Holder and Reddick investigate a girl's murder. Holder asks Linden for help with the case. Seward is transferred to death row.
352 514
7 Episode 5: Scared and Running
Linden and Holder track down a girl who escaped the killer. Danette finds Kallie's phone in her boyfriend's bag.
352 508
8 Episode 11: From Up Here
Linden and Skinner rekindle their romance. A new murder puzzles Linden and Holder. Facts point to a new suspect.
309 543
9 Episode 6: Eminent Domain
Linden and Holder question the girl who escaped the killer. Linden offers to help exonerate Seward. Alton dies.
309 479
10 Episode 3: Seventeen
Linden returns to the Seattle P.D. Holder and Reddick arrest Goldie. Seward cuts his tattoo off. Kallie shows up in a porn video.
295 465
11 Episode 7: Hope Kills
Linden and Holder learn about Pastor Mike's checkered past. Skinner orders a manhunt for Pastor Mike.
286 504
12 Episode 4: Head Shots
Mama Dips is arrested. Seward refuses his antibiotics. Linden and Holder learn who filmed the teen porn videos.
276 506