Episode 1: "Reflections"
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Favorite The Killing Episodes (Season 2)

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1 Episode 13: “What I Know”
Sarah and Holder close the case. The newly-elected Richmond sets a new tone. The Larsens watch Rosie's short film.
1364 1534
2 Episode 11: “Bulldog”
Linden and Holder obtain a casino search warrant. Richmond publicly confesses his suicide attempt. Linden recovers the key card.
490 606
3 Episode 12: “Donnie or Marie”
Linden and Holder focus on two prime suspects and obtain a key security video. The Richmond campaign awaits election results.
450 598
4 Episode 9: “Sayonara, Hiawatha”
Rosie's case files go missing. Mitch visits Rosie's biological father. Linden gains access to the casino's 10th floor and finds a key card.
412 544
5 Episode 8: “Off the Reservation”
Linden leads a search for Holder. A casino maid provides new leads. Richmond returns to City Hall. Linden sends Jack to live with his dad.
390 496
6 Episode 10: “72 Hours”
Linden is admitted to a hospital psych ward. Holder investigates the construction site break-in. Gwen releases a campaign video.
378 540
7 Episode 7: “Keylela”
The detectives return to the casino. Stan agrees to appear with Richmond at a press conference. Holder is assaulted by tribal police.
310 426
8 Episode 3: “Numb”
Holder fights against a relapse. Linden tracks down Rosie's backpack. Gwen leaves the Richmond campaign.
259 417
9 Episode 5: “Ghosts of the Past”
Linden and Holder track down Alexi Giffords and uncover a voicemail message from Rosie. Mitch befriends a runaway girl.
250 428
10 Episode 1: “Reflections”
Unable to leave the case, Linden cancels her move. Belko commits suicide in jail. Linden traces the toll booth photo back to Gil.
246 424
11 Episode 2: “My Lucky Day”
Rosie's backpack is left on the Larsen doorstep. Linden investigates Richmond's alibi. Richmond learns he's paralyzed.
219 363
12 Episode 6: “Openings”
Linden and Holder place Michael Ames on the casino ferry on the night of Rosie's murder. Gwen rejoins the Richmond campaign.
196 362
13 Episode 4: “Ogi Jun”
A distraught Richmond considers dropping out of the race. Linden and Holder follow a lead connected to Stan's murderous mob past.
192 370