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Favorite Mad Men Episodes (Season 6)

Which of these episodes is your favorite?

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1 Episode 13: “In Care Of”
Pete’s mother is presumed dead. Don pitches the Hershey campaign. Ted plans to move to California. Don is put on leave.
147 209
2 Episode 9: “The Better Half”
Don and Betty sleep together. Abe breaks up with Peggy. Pete hires a nurse for his mother. The agency wins Fleischmann’s margarine.
126 172
3 Episode 6: “For Immediate Release”
Don fires Jaguar. SCDP loses Vicks. CGC and SCDP win the Chevy account together and merge as an agency.
84 120
4 Episode 8: “The Crash”
Frank Gleason passes away. Don is injected with an "energy serum" and tries to win Sylvia back. Sally is confronted with a burglar.
65 127
5 Episode 11: “Favors”
SC&P makes progress with both Sunkist and Ocean Spray. Pete fires Dot Campbell’s nurse. Sally catches Don in bed with Sylvia.
60 90
6 Episode 10: “A Tale of Two Cities”
Joan wins the Avon account. Don smokes hashish in L.A. Cooper reveals the agency’s new name: Sterling Cooper and Partners.
39 83
7 Episode 12: “The Quality of Mercy”
Pete takes over the Chevy account. SC&P take on Sunkist. Don lies to St. Joseph’s. Sally is accepted into boarding school.
36 70
8 Episode 7: “Man with a Plan”
CGC moves into the SCDP office. Bob takes Joan to the hospital. Sylvia breaks it off with Don. Robert Kennedy is assassinated.
30 60
9 Episode 5: “The Flood”
Peggy and Abe look for an apartment. Ginsberg is set up on a date. Martin Luther King is assassinated. Megan wins an ANDY award.
27 65
10 Episode 1-2:
Don and Megan go on vacation in Hawaii. Roger's mother passes away. Don sneaks around with his neighbor, Sylvia.
22 78
11 Episode 3: “Collaborators”
Peggy shares confidential information with Ted. Megan confesses her miscarriage to Sylvia. Trudy confronts Pete about his infidelity.
22 62
12 Episode 4: “To Have and To Hold”
Megan is offered a love scene. SCDP and CGC pitch campaigns for Heinz ketchup. Heinz baked beans drops SCDP.
16 64