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Favorite Low Winter Sun Episodes (Season 1)

Which of these episodes rank highest for you?

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1 Episode 10: Surrender
Boyd formally accuses Frank and Geddes. Damon kills Skelos. Lowdown's men kill Damon. Frank claims Katia's body.
180 374
2 Episode 9: Ann Arbor
Frank grapples with his sanity. Frank visits his ex-wife in Ann Arbor. Sean turns himself in for the murders of Brendan, Billy and Bobek.
128 300
3 Episode 8: Revelations
Frank testifies in the Lady Belle case. Damon plots to kill Skelos. Geddes murders Katia. Dani secretly records a conversation with Frank.
101 169
4 Episode 4: Catacombs
Frank looks for Katia at a brothel in Windsor. Damon and Poppa T's men fight. Geddes' daughter moves in with him.
84 196
5 Episode 1: Pilot
Frank and Geddes kill Brendan. Damon shoots Billy Hobson and steals Skelos' coke. Brendan's car is found with a second body in the trunk.
62 184
6 Episode 6: The Way Things Are
Frank finds Katia. Lowdown tells Frank about Damon. Frank sleeps with Dani. Skelos takes over The International.
42 152
7 Episode 7: There Was a Girl
Frank tries to pin all three murders on Damon. Geddes intervenes to protect Skelos. Dani tells Boyd she thinks Geddes killed Brendan.
40 146
8 Episode 5: Cake on the Way
Frank and Geddes present their case to the deputy mayor. Frank uncovers Geddes' false suicide cases. Michael is killed.
39 153
9 Episode 3: No Rounds
Frank and Geddes cover up evidence and interrogate Raymond LeFevre. Damon prepares to open the blind pig.
37 149
10 Episode 2: The Goat Rodeo
Dani investigates Billy's murder. The coroner declares Brendan's death a homicide. Bobek's body is identified. Frank learns Katia is alive.
37 133